Latest Global HR Collective Videos


Andy Swann Announces $100k Commitment to Global HR Collective!

Recently, Andy Swann, on behalf of his organization My Amazing Team, announced a $100k charitable commitment to the Global HR Collective. When the next impact milestone is achieved, the Global HR Collective, 4 months into a 5-year goal, will have already achieved 10% of it's $1M charitable target. See the video for more details.


From HR Executive to Social Entrepreneur

I first met Christopher Rainey & the team at HRD Leaders as a guest on the HRD Leaders nearly 18 months ago. So it was only fitting that I return to the set where it all began to share my experiences transitioning from an HR Executive role to that of a social entrepreneur. See the video for more details.


Social Enterprise to Raise $1M for Charity in 5 Years

Matt Burns, Founder & CEO of the Global HR Collective announces the organization’s commitment to raise $1M for charitable causes related to mental health advocacy & women entrepreneurs in 5 years. See the video for more details.


William Tincup - What is the Candidate Experience?

What is the candidate experience? In this HRD Leaders video, featuring William Tincup, President of Recruiting Daily, we break down the critical importance of treating your candidates like your customers.


Dave Ulrich - The Four Step Evolution of HR Data

On this week's episode of HR Leaders LIVE, we are joined by the HR guru, Dave Ulrich, to discuss the Four Step Evolution of HR Data. I share what I believe are the necessary skills of HR professionals related to analytics.


Jill Katz - The Talent Supply Chain

On this week’s episode of HR Leaders LIVE, I’m joined by my partner in crime, Jill Katz, HR Influencer & CHRO of Assemble HR Consulting & to discuss the Talent Supply Chain. Here how I was an engineer in a past life.


Claude Silver - Balancing Head & Heart at VaynerMedia

On this week’s episode of HR Leaders LIVE we’re joined by Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia to discuss the importance of balancing the ‘head’ and the ‘heart’ in organizations.


Anthony Oland & Davide Cervellin - HR Analytics

Having an abundance of HR analytics can be both a blessing and a curse. On this week’s episode of HR Leaders LIVE, we’re joined by Anthony Oland of WPP & Davide Cervellin of to discuss HR Analytics.