Global HR Collective to Raise $1M for Charity in 5 Years

Friends & Colleagues,

I promised you an update. This one is big.

Today I announce the launch of a Social Enterprise that will raise $1M for charity in 5 years. An organization that is designed to make a significant impact on two fronts.

The first is helping other organizations transform their culture & strategy so they can unlock the full potential of their people. This will happen on a foundation of technology, data & innovation - fundamentally changing how HR is conceived, perceived and delivered.

The second, positively impacts society & two causes that I’m personally invested in – mental health advocacy & supporting women entrepreneurs.

Our efforts will begin in the four cities that hosted my MBA - Vancouver, Mexico City, Nashville & Sao Paulo. The Americas MBA program was a catalyst for much of today’s announcement. Though it will not end there.

Let me be clear. This organization has an unambiguous business focus.

Though it also has very deliberate human & societal objectives.

The first is to realize the profound opportunity that HR has to reimagine itself & by extension, the organizations of the future. But to do that HR needs to change first. I have spent the past 20 years building a unique portfolio of skills, experiences & a global network, which when combined with my passion & determination, makes me the right catalyst for this change.

We will use business as a means to narrow the gap - between the privileged few & the deserving many. That is why this organization will direct operating revenues in three ways: first, to achieve the $1M charitable target; second, to scale the organization & help spread its message & finally, representing the smallest share, operating expenses.

Transparency is a core value of mine & it will be at the core of this Social Enterprise. Each year I’ll publish our full financials, so you’ll know exactly how funds were generated, allocated & distributed.

The second societal objective tightly binds our organization’s growth to generosity. The $1M charitable contribution is our primary objective, so as the business scales & revenues grow, the share set aside for ‘giving’ increases dramatically.

Make no mistake, I may be the instigator & help grow this organization. But this isn’t about me. This is our organization. Our opportunity to make real change.

How can you help?

The easiest way is by sharing this message. The further this message travels, the faster we’ll achieve our $1M goal.

Also, if you, or someone you know is looking to transform their culture & strategy through HR technology, please reach out.

If you’re a business with HR as your customer – technology companies, recruitment firms, or consulting practices – reach out. I can help a limited number of organizations in an advisory capacity with their strategy, product development, marketing & sales.

In future posts I’ll more explicitly lay out the services I’ll be offering, the profile of executives that I plan to assist & the types organizations I am set on changing. I’ll also share my story & how I arrived at this decision because I think that's just as important.

There has never been a better time to fuse business & social impact.

There has never been a better time to start this journey than right now.

We have 5 years to reach a $1M charitable target.

The clock starts now.