A Winning Formula: Transformation Through HR Technology (Vol. 2)

According to reports, a quarter (25%) of technology projects fail & nearly 50% need massive changes prior to completion.

Why do so many technology projects fail? The same report indicates half (54%) can be attributed to poor management, which when you think of it, makes sense. 

Technology projects are hard. You have end users with various levels of technical acumen, time & alignment. It’s one of the many reasons we’ve witnessed the proliferation of change management theory & professionals. Change is hard.

The following are lessons you can (and should) leverage in your own HR technology journeys.

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Global HR Collective to Raise $1M for Charity in 5 Years

The Global HR Collective announces their $1M commitment for charitable causes related to mental health advocacy & women entrepreneurs.

The GHRC is designed to make impact, helping organizations transform their culture by architecting, implementing & sustaining HR technology, analytics & innovation strategies - fundamentally changing how HR is conceived, perceived & delivered. The organization will also positively impact society & in particular, two causes – mental health advocacy & women entrepreneurs.

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A Flashlight, Not a Hammer: How to Leverage HR Data

HR professionals have a complicated relationship with data.

In an earlier article, I referenced my own experiences with HR data dating back 15 years. At that time, data was the 'it' topic in HR. The thought leaders of the day believed HR data, in tandem with qualitative inputs (a functional specialty), would sell organizations on a more 'human' path forward. When we arrived at the destination, HR would be well-positioned as true strategic partners. Except in a lot of organizations, not much changed.

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